The trail: Part one

Today is another amazing day here in southern Ohio.  It’s Indian Summer.  Near my house is a bike trail that spans from the Kentucky border to Lake Erie.  The trail has many different names and crosses many lovely small towns.

South Lebanon is just a few miles from my house and the trail runs next to the little town.  I took a short one mile walk on the trail sandwiched between trees and along side the Little Miami river.  The scenery was a mix of barren, green, yellow and orange trees.  There was a light breeze and leaves were falling like gigantic snow flakes.  There were a few people about.  Some were running, some walking and some with their four legged pals.

On one side of me, the light was shining through the trees adding a pattern of sun and fallen leaves onto the path.  On the other side, just passed a line of trees and down a steep embankment, the Little Miami river played me a song of rushing water over rocks.  It is indeed one of my favorite tunes.  It was a magnificent walk.  One in which, you think to yourself, “Isn’t it great to be alive.”

This is the first of two sets. To get a better view, please click on the photo.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

Orange, blue, and white

Shy sun

The trail

Orange Crush


Old Power



78 responses to “The trail: Part one

  1. I am jealous – what great colors! Our trees here in CA are just starting to turn but I feel this summer’s drought and an early storm won’t get me great pictures like you’ve just taken. Great shots!

  2. *jealous*

    Your trail is so much natural and prettier than my local one. Next time i go to the park to work out, I’ll be thinking of these images. Which are great as usual. No surprise there though :p

  3. That’s beautiful! I grew up on the West Coast, so I don’t have a lot of experience with Fall colours being anything other than green and grey (it rains a lot there). Great pictures!

  4. How fortunate for you to have such lovely views almost out of your front door. Ohio really is a lovley state. The trail you took is pretty. You did the scenery justice with your great eye for photography. All that you posted here were a delight to my eyes.

  5. The photos are so nice … Here in Canada’s capital, the colours of the leaves are changing too. It’s like a breath of “fresh air” before the upcoming winter. Lovely colours! You bring them out nicely!

  6. here in North Wales we’re currently LOVING gorgeous autumn hues and you captured them beautifully; am imaging a dog walk along your trail……good for the soul ^-^

  7. I’d like to especially comment on “The Trail” and “Covered.” Growing up in Western PA, not far from where you are, I have vivid memories of past fall seasons. “The Trail” brought many of them back…but it was the photo “Covered” that, when I looked at it I could suddenly “hear” the sounds of walking through the leaves–the shuffling sound, the gentle crunch of leaves underfoot. Thanks for that.

  8. Wonderful images. I think Autumn is probably the most beautiful of seasons. Your photos certainly communicate that for me. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful pictures! You can feel the crispness in the air just by looking at them!
    Although Autumn in Britain is not as colourful, I managed to get a few pictures last weekend. Should post them soon…

  10. It’s been a great year for fall colors here in New York… it looks like you’re experiencing the same! There really isn’t anything like getting out on the trail and letting nature get into your ears and eyes and skin.

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  12. These photos are really beautiful, and the trail too. 🙂 You’re making me really want to go there. (which sadly would require a 17-or-something hour flight D: ) Where exactly is this again?

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