The dance

This morning the sun rose to a cold, foggy earth.  The fog and sun played chase for awhile until the sun eventually won and the fog slunk back to its home. Once again, this morning, I was mesmerized by the beauty of God’s creations. The sun, earth and nature in their daily dance proved yet again to impress.



107 responses to “The dance

  1. Oh my goodness. I love clouds, you have no idea! I absolutely love your beautiful photographs!! They’re all so stunning and ideal! I would love to take pictures like that someday 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Seth. I think the one with the haybales is my favourite. There’s something about the way all those circular shapes contrast with the lines of colour in the sky.

  3. These pictures remind me of one of my childhood thoughts. As a child, I used to think that the various ways the sky takes shape were handwriting from a supernatural being. Well, I still hold on to such belief. These are lovely pics. I tempted to call you the weatherman.

  4. One of the things I like best about your work–and it’s present in all that I’ve seen–is the amount of photographs you make. There’s no just two or three, but there’s around a dozen with each posting (although I didn’t go through and count each one). I like the variety, and try to imagine you carefully framing each one before making the exposure.

  5. What do You think about being alone in the huge place such as riverbank, field, or forest? Do You feel yourself alone and need people to be near You, or You enjoy loneliness?

    • It depends. Sometimes I enjoy being alone and other times I enjoy being with folks . I guess I never need people to be near but it’s nice to have the option not to be alone. And you?

      • I like to stay alone somewhere, especially if I need to thing on several issues… I have several friends, but sometimes it’s better to walk alone without them, anyway.

  6. These are gorgeous! They evoke memories for me of times when I had to be up super early and the sky had not yet rubbed its eyes clean of sleep. These are my favourite kind of pictures!

  7. More beautiful photos! You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place 🙂 Actually although you are on the other side of the world its amazing how similar some of the country is to where I live in Australia. Your photo of the haybales is just what I would see in the country side near my home (although greener!) I really enjoy reading your posts, Thanks 🙂

  8. Just when i think i get used to your photos, you post something even more beautiful then your previous work. That’s how you know you got talent, when you can continue to awe your followers. I spent extra time than usual this morning checking these photos out. It was so hard to pic a favorite! But, i think the 3rd from the last won for me. It’s really an amazing photo. Perfect timing. Everything in the picture is awesome. From the fallen tree branches, to the sun peeking through the tree. The remaining fog blanketing the house. And the house! It’s majestic in its hugeness yet still in the shadows it gives it that mysterious edge. Love this one alot!

  9. oh so beautiful…enjoying your photos. I just started to follow your blog and looking forward to more. Thanks for capturing and sharing….keep them coming!!

  10. I’m probably in the minority here, but the 4th one down is my fave… where the soft pink clouds meet the pink earth and the horizon is indistinct. So unusual. All the shots are wonderful.

  11. Your artwork reminds me of when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in Idaho. What memories your photographs ignite! Thanks for stopping by my site.

  12. Great stuff. Fave for me is probably #11 – something about the curvature of that fence and the land in the distance… Really fascinating combination of beauty and menace.

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