Gloomy day?

Walking outside this morning, I was confronted by a cool, drizzly morning.  Great, I thought.  It’s not going to be a good picture day.  But, I was wrong.  Upon a closer look, the colors were still there, albeit wet.  Which, in fact, made them even more interesting.

I try to approach my life in this manner.  When negative energy, either in the form of news or in the form of people, presents itself in my life, I try to see past the “rain” and focus on the “color”.  The “color” is always there.  Even though I have no control over when the “rain” will come, I do have power over how I handle the storm.  And, just as rain is vital to sustain the colors of nature, negative energy is vital in my life to grow me as a person and allow my colors to shine.

To get a better view, click on the photo.  To see more of my photos, visit my galleries.

Steam rising from lights.

86 responses to “Gloomy day?

  1. Great atmosphere in these photos. Dull days are often best for flowers and foliage. Light shines in the darkness.

  2. Ya know yesterday in my part of the world, it was a dark and gloomy morning..misty and foggy and dark. I was wondering how your photography would fare in those conditions. It is hard to capture that blanket of fog in the air? Then as I was drinking coffee sitting on the outside deck, the sun started to rise and my neighbor’s garage was in a funny angle, the sun only overlooking one side of it, while the other side lay in the shadows. SO i could still see misty fog on one side, and then i seen steam rising from the other side where the sun was warming and melting it.

    Wow that’s really steaming rising from lights? It looks like tiny little fires. At first I was looking at the picture like ” Ummm Seth, why are you taking a picture of the fire and nothing putting it out?!”.lol.

    That’s a great philosophy you have and so beautifully written! It’s so true..and simple… yet we often loose sight of it. We can’t control what will happen, only our reactions. Smart cookie you!

    • Thanks again for your visit and comments. I look forward each day to what you will say about my photos. The steam looks much more pronounced in my photo. I then stripped the color and added back on the reds so it made them look even more firey

  3. Your thoughts about life are serving you well and should be a motto of sorts for all of us. It sounds aas if you know how to make lemonade out of lemons. The photos are very nice. I like all of them but the leaves gave me something bright to look at on this dreary and depressing day. Thank you for this nice post.

  4. I always prefer cloudy, rainy, overcast days for photography particularly in the Spring and Fall. The colors always seem more saturated and I like being out on those days where most people want to stay indoors 🙂

  5. Fall is my favourite time of year and this post just serves to remind me why – that even in rainy gloomy days, fall is still absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. “And, just as rain is vital to sustain the colors of nature, negative energy is vital in my life to grow me as a person and allow my colors to shine.”

    I sign under that! Great photos and thoughts. 😉

  7. You have a beautiful philosophy, and amazing pictures too, a real expression of your approach to life. A much-needed bit of inspiration for me right now, thankyou!

  8. A teacher in a painting workshop years said, “Sunny days are colorless. Cloudy ones are colorful. (or something like that). Your pictures show just how much color there is on a cloudy day.

  9. Love your take on dealing with the “rain” and seeing the “color,” in life and in photography. Photos 5 and 6 were breathtaking! Made me feel like I was right there in the cool air, rain dripping off the leaves onto my shoes. Great talent!!

  10. I have a maple tree in my backyard… witnessing (and photographing) the ever-changing colours as the seasons pass by is one of my absolute favourite things! Gorgeous pics. Thnx for reading simpledailypleasures too. 🙂

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