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This morning, I went for a drive to see Mother Nature’s latest play called Autumn.  The trees, fields and even the worn out crops were all dressed in their fall best.  The sky had prepared a wonderful light show which included a spectacular spotlight scene.  Don’t fret if you missed it today.   The show will run until winter.  It’s open to all and it’s free.

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72 responses to “Now showing

  1. YA know what i love most about this post? I was sitting here staring at my reader longing for one of the blogs i follow to update cause I’m up alone, techno music blasting in my headphones and i just treated myself to a tall glass of whiskey so its definitely swimming through my veins especially since i gave up booze for my diet. Then this magically popped up. Perfect timing. Looking at these majestic photos while having music playing really threw me into the scenery. Your photos never fail to take me on a journey. Thank you!

  2. You have an amazing eye for colors, or an amazing innate ability to capture color. So many things in your work, too many to count – and I have really just flipped through your photos – are brilliant.

  3. Thanks for liking my post! I’m so glad I came to check out your site! I looked around for a while and your photography is amazing. Keep up the amazing work 😀

  4. So much deserved praise for your outstanding photos, but let me be the first to also commend your beautiful way with words. I love photos, but equally appreciate the written word and I was thrilled with your tantalising intro.

  5. Thanks for the photos. I love autumn. Each day is better… soon we’ll walk through the leaves in the forest! Nothing beats a heap of autumn leaves in the eyes of a two-year-old or in mine 😉

    • I remember having such fun growing up in Tennessee during this time of year. My sister and I use to have this game where we built house plans out of the leaves in the yard. This is my kitchen, my bedroom… etc.

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