Waxing Crescent

It was another brilliant October evening here in Ohio.  The waxing crescent moon was the perfect accessory for Mother Nature’s beautiful sky.  As the waxing moon is a time for luck, love and new beginnings, I encourage each of you to start something new and exciting, shoot for the Mega-Millions or perhaps take a chance on a possible new love interest.  Whatever you do, take a moment to look up and enjoy the beautiful dance between the moon and the sky.

To get a better view, click on the photo. To see more of my photos, visit my galleries.

64 responses to “Waxing Crescent

  1. magnificent! especially the light of the crescent moon and the light coming from the windows and doors. 🙂

  2. My favorite picture is the last one. I love the sky and the moon and the speckle of a start here and there. But, what i love more is the light trying to burst free from the buildings, the green glow from one house, the other house the yellow glowing light trying to snake out from the garage. . And in the background is that headlights skidding across the floor? Got so enticed into this picture almost felt like I was there… like a creeper stalking someone in the building lol!

    • I am not sure what that light is. I don’t think it’s a car light although it could be. Or it could be someone walking with a flashlight. I had the camera on a 30sec or 15 sec shutter and I was running in and out of the house while I was shooting. I don’t remember anything though. Interesting.

    • Yes, always glad to meet another Rebel. Glad also to see us finally get the SEC monkey off our backs. I was sure we had done it v. Texas A&M. That game made me sick to my stomach. I had to go to my “Aint nobody going to steal my joy” room after that one. 🙂

  3. crescent in the cloudy sky, appears dimly in daylight
    but when the sun has gone away, the crescent view now displayed
    the tree, clouds,house all shaded, crescent brightness now unabated
    nature gives us chance every day, to become an artist in a small way
    take out your camera . set and snap ..away 🙂
    good post..happy day

  4. hi seth, “The waxing crescent moon was the perfect accessory for Mother Nature’s beautiful sky” … such imagery. your photos and words combined spell magical. —April

  5. Seth, these are so lovely! I was just out last night trying to capture the Gibbous phase. I was unsuccessful. I kept getting fuzzy edges around the moons image. Is there a trick to getting clear moon shots?
    Thanks for visiting me today! ~ Lynda (from the Farmlet)

    • Lynda,

      I shoot using a tripod. (This is a must). Also I set the timer to avoid shaking. Finally, play around with the shutter. Try 30 secs and the 15 and even 10. Sometimes if you let too much light it it can cause fuzzy edges.

  6. I stopped by for a look at the waxing crescent, but got caught on the one with the tree! Wow, breathtaking! You’re a very great photographer! 🙂

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