In Perspective

After a shockingly large and depressing bill from the Honda dealer, I needed something positive to balance out the negative news I had just received.  It’s easy for me to slip into my “gloom and doom” room after a bit of really bad news.  So to combat that, I decided to spend time with Todd and the babies to put things into perspective.

I was hoping that enjoying play time with the family, on a crisp, beautiful, and colorful autumn afternoon, would help me move from my “gloom and doom” room into my “ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy” room.  Yes, the extremely large car repair bill does make me wonder things such as “How am I going to pay the bills?”  But spending time with my family, grounded me and gave me a sense that everything is going to be okay.  In this family time, I realized that what is negative will pass with the wind and what is positive in my life is eternal.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures of our time together today.  And, perhaps, if you are having hard times or feeling a bit low, our happiness will travel through the web and translate into a smile on your face.

Click on the photo for a better view.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

The setting for family time was amazing.

Todd agreeing to pose for me.

Jackson allow me to take his picture.

Jackson from behind.

Jackson talking.


Todd and Jackson playing tag.

More chasing.

More play time.

Baylee watching the show.

123 responses to “In Perspective

  1. Thank you for your comment, Seth. Yours is VERY FIRST EVER COMMENT I’ve received since the posts have only just gone live. I’m a complete beginner here and learning my way around.

    Beautiful dogs against a beautiful backdrop.

  2. Love your photos of Jackson. I had Tasha for almost 17 yrs. She was an old lady doggie for sure! Quite the talker, too. Though Max the Wonder Dog husky was VERY vocal. He’d sit and watch TV with me, and comment on any and everything. LOL! Such fun! Escape artists, both of them. Thanks for stopping by our blog today for the “like”!

    • 17 years? Wow I hope my pups live that long. Baylee is almost 11 and it weighs heavily on my heart she is getting on up there. It seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the pound and she was licking my face.

  3. Oh, these are stunning shots! I love your family and think that Jackson would make a wonderful friend for my Anya. For some reason, I believe very strongly that she would enjoy the company of other huskies.

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