Waldrue Park

This morning I made a quick stop at a park near my work.  It’s called Waldrue Park and it’s in Miami Township.  The park is barley noticeable off the busy highway 747.  It is a small park but offers some great views of trees and woods.

I went around 8:00am and it was empty.  The sun was just peaking above the horizon but the trees sheltered me from the light.  The wind was blowing a bit and the changing leaves painted the sky with beautiful colors.  I also had to dodge a few nuts as the squirrels were busy preparing for the winter.

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Found this just poking out of the ground.

The friends enjoying a sunrise.

I love looking up.

American slide.

A bit of rust.


Old leaves.

The conductor.

Coming off.

44 responses to “Waldrue Park

  1. Thanks for checking out, and liking, the lambshanks. Thanks too for today’s photos. Love the autumn colours…don’t get them here in Queensland….too tropical!

      • Definitely. I’m not complaining as I love our climate. It’s just that I would love to be able to photograph those wonderful autumn colours. Can’t have everythingI guess!

      • That’s true. I tell you what.. You can come visit us here in the States and take pictures of the pretty trees and then we’ll come visit you down under and enjoy the nice weather and beach!

  2. Brother, sister… I will not look through all of your work…. Just being honest… From what I have seen? I absolutely love your work!
    I may sneak in for a peak (…

    You rock, keep rockin!

  3. “I also had to dodge a few nuts as the squirrels were busy preparing for the winter.”- LOL. Immediately the picture that popped into my head was the squirrel from the movie ice age.
    Beautiful photos like always . Love the conductor tree one. i didnt see it right away. Had to take a second look.

    • Thanks. At first, I thought they were throwing nuts at me, the invader of their park. But, I think realized they were just throwing them to the ground. Yes, the ice age squirrel is funny.

  4. The photographs are beautiful and I love that you were drawn to the “American” on the slide. Love the rust and the American made strength of that piece of fun metal!

  5. Wow you have a great eye! Ultimately it is the human eye that finds the shot before the one in the camera does, right? Thanks for stopping past my blog and liking my most recent poem. I may stop past your blog again for some visual inspiration!

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  8. Thanks for your faithful visits and likes. I like your autumn photos taken from different posts. The Conductor caught my eye – I can see Tolkien in this one. Oneness, my friend.

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