Tree Art

Have you ever just stopped and really looked at a tree?  Trees are mother nature’s sculptures.  Each one is unique and individual.  Taken as a whole, a tree is beautiful but looked at closely for it’s individual parts, trees are simply quite amazing.

We often make the mistake of only trying to capture the tree as a whole.  We think we must portray the tree’s grandness in order to have a successful photograph.  To me, the interesting parts of the tree are not just the size or the color but also the shape.  Along with the shape, how a tree interacts with it’s neighbors is also important to portray.

I took the pictures below because they captured the soul of the tree or the tree’s interaction with its neighbors.  I hope to inspire you to take a moment in your busy day and get up close and personal with a tree.

To get a better view, click on the picture.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

55 responses to “Tree Art

  1. The top tree branch takes me back to an almost exact replica of that branch that I use to escape to and hang out on. Sometimes I would even imagine it was a horse. I am a tree lover. One of my favorite views of trees are from lying down underneath and looking up. Those views are so magical and mystical to me. your photographs are wonderful. J.K. ps. thanks for visiting my site.

      • That was amazing to see that branch. Your work is wonderfully beautiful. I love photography. I do video and freeze frame but want to get in to working more with a camera that does stills and video. You definitely have the eye. I spend so much of my time writing I don’t get to observe nature enough. Want to change. I love looking at good photography and yours is really really good. My favorite shots are trees, closeups of flowers and sunsets and water/land connected with the other. I will be back to your page as often as possible. Thank you for the tree branch. That was a good memory for me. J.K.

  2. Lovely photos. I really like the one with the red light on the bark and the path through the trees makes me want to go for a walk.

    • Yeah, it’s sad. I don’t see it too much. In this park, they mark some trees with a simple white circle. These are the trees that have been infected with a tree bug that kills them. It is new to the area. That is sad too.

      • I’ve just come back from a gorgeous lake in the mountainous part of Italy. I was really saddened to see stupid name carvings in many trees there 😦

  3. If I was a tree and you had taken those pictures, I would be rather annoyed with you.You showed how twisted i can be, with skins like aged old lady..wrinkled and creased..I am peeling and shedding yet standing helplessly..when the sun shines and I grasp for where to see..broken at nodes and scratches that told, my fight to resist your hands that pulled me..and why you take shots from underside of me..wher I don’t really look majestic ..and am not pleased

  4. I love your choice of topics in your photography…I love taking photos of God’s scenery, also!! These trees are gorgeous, and you’ve captured their timeless majesty with age…I hope folks see this much beauty when people age, too!
    beauty beauty in peopl

  5. What a beautiful post, I know exactly what you mean – trees have as much individuality and personality as any unique human…they’re just a bit quieter about it…stunning photos…hey, thanks for dropping by and for the like:-)

  6. Wish you were local to me! The trail i use to work out has some BEAUTIFUL trees and shrubby and just overall a prim photo ops. Love that you think out side of the box and present photos to us that are mundane and turn them majestic .

  7. These photos were really beautiful. And this is going to sound like total stoner/hippie talk, but I was driving the other day and looking at the trees, and it was just so weird to think of how small they were and how they were so big now. It’s like they’re just pushed out of the earth. See? Total stoner speak.

  8. Watching the trees is simillar to laying on the ground and learning the clouds shape: this one is like a bird, and another ls like an elephant. I wonder, is it real to find such shapes in tree silhouette…

  9. These are all fantastic pictures. I think you chose a perfect time of day to take these, since the lighting really seems to bring out the vibrant color of the green. My favorite would have to be the second from the top.

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