Since I’ve been paying more attention to the details of my world, I’ve realized something else I’ve largely neglected, the moon. Once I began looking up, I realized the breathtaking beauty of the heavens.  The moon, wrapped by clouds and adorned with stars, takes me on emotional journeys.  I feel small, like a pebble on the longest beach.  I feel alive, ready to take on the night.  I feel silly, imagining I can pick the moon out of the sky and put it in my pocket.

As beautiful and vibrant as the moon and stars are, they are quite difficult to capture and share.  I’ve spent many hours trying to get the perfect shot.  The shot that will convey my journeys to others.  But, a perfect shot is not necessary as we all have our own masterpiece just above us.  So, I hope that as you take a look at my humble attempt to snap a moment of beauty below, I might inspire you to join me and look up.

These moon pictures were taken since August and are in Ohio and New Jersey. To get a better view, click on the photo.  To view more of my shots, please visit my galleries.

45 responses to “Moon

  1. Love the moon pic. Question you live in the country right? How are the stars at night? I live in the city so we see a speckle here and there. But only a handful of times in my life when i visited other place did i see a sky full of stars. Would love to see more photos of the night sky.

    • I live on the edge of the country. I live in a big housing neighborhood so there is quite a bit of light. I can still see the starts, but if I am out camping, I see them better.

    • Hey dietriotgirl, you haven’t lived till you’ve seen a full sky speckled with stars. Makes you feel so amazed by the Universe. Take a night a drive 50 miles outside the city away from all the lights, get some hot chocolate and be amazed…

  2. Great shots! I haven’t taken too many pics of the moon, myself. But, I do like taking pictures of stars! You get the best views of the moon and stars from the country skies, too 🙂

  3. Like always, I was glued to the priceless shots and if I get to pick my choice, I’ll go with the first one. Don’t know how stupid would I sound but here is a candid confession – in the first picture I could see a smiling silver moon (could see two eyes and the smile curve) amidst the night sky.Loved it truly!


    • I put that on a slow shutter. Since the clouds were moving fast it caused them to look the way they do. (Sort of blurry) The moon remained crisp in the background.

  4. I absolutely love the moon when it slides in and out of the clouds. When it is out during the day I find it so otherwordly. I was moved to buy a good camera and try to capture it, but was so disappointed to find though I had some good lenses I still could not capture it to my satisfaction! I then returned the camera and have realized I must settle for the joy I find gazing upon it with my own eyes and immortalize in my own mind! Thank you for your thoughts and pictures…it’s nice to know there are other souls with the same thoughts!

  5. If I can place an order, I would like a photo of a gigantic orange harvest moon just starting its ascent … okie dokie?

  6. I like the dynamic quality of the clouds in the first photo. The long shutter speed really gives you the feeling of motion. There seems to be a little blur in the details of the moon @ 100%. You may want to see if there is a mirror lock-up option on your camera. I’ve found it helps when you tripod is not rock steady.

  7. Three such diverse takes on the theme. The first two are very evocative and I especially like the moon peeping out in the day time from behind the leaves. But the last one, to my eyes (and it is probably just me) has something a little unreal about it, almost creepy. I’ll just keep feasting on the first two 🙂

      • Partly the bird, I guess, which is surprisingly large compared to those on not in flight, but there’s something ominous about the sky too….fab to capture so much emotion in the shot though, even though I can’t really explain my reaction. One thing is for sure, and that’s that imagine lingers in the mind even when the eye has moved on.

  8. Opening pic of the moon is awesome! Meanwhile, it’s amazing what pleasures and complexity we can see in the world around us when we take the time to stop, loo, listen, and think.

  9. How odd. I was struck by the beauty of the moon this morning as I left for work. I tried to take a picture of it with my Phone/Camera/Useless. It came out like a burn hole of white in a fuzzy blue frame. Synchronicity that I should read the very first blog of the day and it is yours commenting on looking up and noticing the moon. I enjoyed.

  10. Love the moon shot! I am always in awe of the beauty of the moon. However, for whatever reason my “moon shots” never turn out so good- so far anyway–ha. Take care and- awesome blog! –jody—

  11. yeah, it really is a challenge to take pictures of the moon. It’s definitely going to be a big project for me once I see clear nights and find the right location.

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