I love color. (As many of you know) But, I also love contrasts. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about turning mundane shots into amazing shots.  If you read that article, you’ll remember that I suggested converting photos to black & white and then adding in a little big of color.  This series of photos does just that.  It’s not that I thought these photos were boring by any means.  But sometimes, I want to draw attention to a particular part of the photo.  And that is what I aimed to do here.

Click on a photo to get a better view.

Let’s start with the following photo of the Big Mac bridge(appropriately known as the I-471 bridge).  Most people identify this bridge with it’s yellow arches and hence the nickname Big Mac.

The next photo was taken at the airport viewing area for the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport.  I was there early one morning in hopes of capturing some take offs and landings. I didn’t see one.  So, I was forced to find other things to shoot. I was intrigued by the blue tent of the fence.

This photo was taken at Eden Park in Cincinnati. I want the focus to be on the red tower in the background.

In the following two photos, I want folks to focus on the color portions of the flowers. Since their petals are all white, taking the color out of the photo, only enhances the non-petal portion of the shots.

In this photo, I like the interaction between the colors shown.

And finally, what do you think of the following photo?

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42 responses to “Contrasts

  1. I really think you’re on to something here with this.

    Might I suggest: sometimes it’s much more interesting when the subject is not in the center. Good composition should have the viewer’s eye moving around the photo–since you’ve already got our attention with the single red-colored object, why not move it off to the left or right? That helps move the interest around the photo.

  2. I really enjoyed your original article on this topic – one day, after mastered finding the b/w setting, I’m going to give it a try. But these are lovely. I particularly like the nature ones, which to me seem to work best.

  3. Very nice photos. For me the best one is the bridge. It has a very strong composition and the selective B&W conversion suits it very well.

    p.s. on the bridge photo, I would have get rid of the lamp on the right of the photo. 🙂

  4. Love the colors. I was way into reading this too. When I got to the airport bit.. I got all excited ” i get to see planes?!” then was disappointed but looking at that fence in all its odd blue glory quickly took that feeling away. That one is actually my fav.
    You successfully got the colors to pop that’s for sure, cause the pic with the big ass bee definitely had me flinch away from my laptop screen. Great job!

  5. Natures’ contrast vs man made, I find the former much more subtle but pronounced in giving a contrast. The composition of contrast is stronger with flowers centre, and as it comes out in a twig, it doesn’t fail to keep the beauty of blues. Thank you for lessons from nature. Good post.Nice shots 🙂

  6. Seth, these are stunning! I love the idea of just highlighting one aspect in color. I just saw another photo using this technique. It was of monks at Angkor Wat. The background was black and white and the monks robes were highlighted in bright orange. Very striking. Thank you for sharing your photos and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the Travel Ahh…! Steph

  7. Would love to know what camera(s) and equipment you are using. Saw your other post about the photo-enhancement app, but am interesting in the hardware specs.

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