I realized a bit ago that I have for too long taken the sky for granted.  When I started becoming more interested in shooting my world, I started to really take a look at what I saw.  What I saw, what I see often amazes me.  What a wonderful view the sky has to offer us.  From the clear blue day to the dark stormy nights, she dresses herself in breathtaking wardrobes.  Essentially, I started looking up and paying attention.  Try it sometime.

Click on a photo for a better view.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

Lebanon, Ohio church

Sunset in Warren Co., Ohio

Look up

Backyard sunset

Alabama sunset

New Jersey sunset

All photos were taken by me since August, 2012.

423 responses to “Sky

  1. Yeah – looking up now and then is a wonderful thing. Thanks for taking a peek at my skies. Yours are beauties.

  2. We take so many things for granted. Thanks for remembering the sky for all of us! For so long I’ve mused at how we try to paint the sky, but the real deal is the real deal! Keep on looking up!

  3. Well let’s have a world sky day then! No seriously, not many people do appreciate it enough. Once I taught a meteorology class in H.S. The atmosphere is one wild place! I’ve seen on some photo webinars a lot of people who ask where they can download sky images (for compositing into their boring sky pictures). I’m amazed at this. Why wouldn’t you want to shoot your own skies? Nice post.

  4. I actually lived in Dayton for almost 25 years, but I grew up in Seattle, and one of the things I notice wherever I am is how different the cloud formations can be. Great photos! The light is beautiful.

  5. Hi Seth – Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love the sky series. I also like the cemetery scenes. I happen to like to wander through them, read the headstones, imagine the stories.

  6. Hi Seth, thanks for tuning in again! It’s a pleasure to have you as a reader. I, too, am a huge fan of skywatching. I believe it is excellent food for the soul. At one point, while I was living in NYC, I remember sitting in a cab heading south toward downtown. Something possessed me too look up! Massive, Gi-normous cumulous clouds spread throughout clear skies… like white giants marching across to the west. 🙂 I realized then, that I forgot about the sky and had been looking down too much. Now I look everywhere! Lolll. Cheers! Thanks again.

  7. Since the regular “like” doesn’t seem to work, let me just tell you here: excellent photos. I like them a lot.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  8. Awesome pictures. I just recently have gotten into sky photography. I love clouds especially in the evening when it’s stormy. GOOD WORK

  9. I love the ‘Look Up’ leaf photo. Particularly the sun flare, but the colours are just so lovely and vibrant! Thanks for liking some of my posts, it’s been great encouragement! 🙂

  10. Our powerful sky’
    Inspires artists and poets,
    Supports weatherfolk,
    Ruins outdoor parties,
    Grows crops,
    Supports aircraft,
    Provides cover for romance and crime, and
    Helps us continue to breathe.

    I vote that we keep it!

  11. I tried Liking this but it wouldn’t let me, even after I signed on, although I was already signed on.

    Really nice work. Very inspiring. I’ll have to work on that. Thanks.

    And thanks for stopping by and Liking my entry to this week’s photo challenge: Reflections, at
    Shameless plug, I know. 🙂

    Also stop by my Odds and End Thoughts blog and see part 1 of my “10 Things I’ve Learned from my Three Failed Marriages”

    series. Hee. Hee. 🙂

  12. Love your skies Seth ! Looking upwards is more often than not rewarded in some way or other … maybe not quite what we want every time, but with a camera at the ready there’s plenty of chances to capture the essence of theday day .

  13. Gorgeous photos! I can’t resist a beautiful sky, either! (Or a cemetery, particularly an old one in Europe!) I especially love the painterly feel of your banner photo of the red barn.

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