Reflections: Newport-Cincinnati

Tonight, I visited Newport on the Levee in Newport, Kentucky.  This part of northern Kentucky is just across the river from Cincinnati.  There are restaurants, shopping and an aquarium.  But most of all, there are some great views of Cincinnati and the Ohio river.

Tonight I took some standard night skyline views.  I also found some nice puddles situated in the perfect position for reflections of the city.  Hope you enjoy.

Click on the photo to get a better view.  To view more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

47 responses to “Reflections: Newport-Cincinnati

  1. Who would of thought, reflection of a skyline in a puddle. The second puddle pic is my fav. Great job. I’m starting to get into a habit since i followed your blog, when i log into my blog and check my reader for the first time, i expect to see a new posting from you and always do and its always cool pictures.

  2. My favorite is the fourth one down. The reflections are so precise, it’s almost as if little puzzle pieces of the bridge fell onto the ground..

    • It’s one I actually just got off ebay. It’s an inexpensive Sigma 28-80mm macro. I got it for the Macro but thought I’d try something else other than the standard lens that came with my Nikon.

      • Well, it works really nicely. I guess I should check e-bay for more deals. I am currently going to this inexpensive camera shop in New York, they also have great deals!

    • Well I reckon there is one in Wales(probably the original one) and one in KY. I imagine there are several around the world. Thanks for your comments.

      • Yes that is true! I have walked the suspension bridge many of a times. It is awesome just like your pictures!

  3. I’m originally from Cincinnati but just moved to Phoenix, Arizona in July. Cincinnati is such a beautiful city and I miss it more and more every day. Thanks for capturing & sharing its beauty 🙂

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