Caesar’s Creek

Today, I stopped by Caesar’s Creek State Park just north of Cincinnati.  The 4,700 acre park is home to a dam, a lake and many hiking trails.  Some folks just come to search for fossils as thousands of years ago the area was part of a sea.  I was also able to get the elusive Todd in some of my shots.  Enjoy.


27 responses to “Caesar’s Creek

  1. I like the last shot best too. The colours are great and the composition is excellent. The curve of the river takes you right into the photo..

  2. I love the second image. The macro of the yellow leaves. Such beautiful lighting and perspective. 🙂

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  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog – you are my first visitor. But now I’m completely blown away by the beauty of your photos. Thanks, I think, for giving me something to aim for!

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