Night Challenge

Recently, I’ve taken my camera out for a midnight stroll.  Something about the night and particularly the night sky are appealing to me. Night photos can be very difficult but they are, in my book, some of the most rewarding shots.  I look for shots that portray the feelings of sleep, beauty, dark and creepy.  So far I haven’t achieved exactly what I am looking to achieve.  However, I have taken some shots that I am happy to share.

The following photos were taken on different nights over the past few months.  A couple of the shots are from a trip to visit family in New Jersey and the rest are in Ohio.  Some nights the clouds are fast moving.  Due to the slow shutter the clouds in those nights appear misty or blurry while the foreground and background stay crisp.  All of these, with the exception of the ground view, were taken using a tripod. Most are set on a thirty second shutter.


34 responses to “Night Challenge

  1. Nic pictures. Love the clouds one. If you want to up the creepy, expand the shot a little, include more of the darkness of the house ( or whatever the shot is of). Shadows. Look for shadows. They are the overall creepy factor.

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