Cincinnati at night.

A few weeks ago, I took my camera up on Mt. Adams in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I wanted to get some general skyline views of the city but I also wanted to get a couple of unique shots.  This night the Reds were playing and the ballpark was all lit up.  So this added a bit of interest to the skyline.

This is my slow shutter tripod shot.  I set the shutter on thirty seconds.  I was hoping to get a better car blur in the streets but I think there was too much other light to offset that.

This shot was also a normal shutter.  Post shot I put a filter on the picture to make it look like everything was glowing.  I thought this would better tell the story as it seemed these two were enjoying a scene together.

I placed the camera on a rock border for this shot.  I wanted to get a unique view of the skyline.

A plant’s view of the city.

This is looking down from the hill.

The grass on the side of Mt Adams, also has a nice view.

In this shot, I put the camera on auto.  It chose a much faster shutter than the first shot.  This was also on a tripod.

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44 responses to “Cincinnati at night.

  1. Existing light photography is very hard. I can’t tell you how much slide film I burned through in the 80s trying to get the night shots of Pittsburgh that I wanted. You’ve done a very good job.

    • I agree. I can’t imagine trying to get this on film. With digital it’s easier to take many shots until you get the ones that you want. Do you have any of your Pitt shots at night online? I would be interested in seeing them.

      • I’ll have to find the slides and scan them to get them online. In the meantime, you can go to for some of my newer work. There’s not much there that isn’t just straight-ahead tourist-style photography, taken with an early few-megapixel digital camera, first on a late-90s PDA, then on a early 00s Windows Phone (before digital cameras on smartphones began to rival the best digital point-and-shoot ones). There’s a few, in the Home (Latrobe and Tucson) album, that I’m particularly proud of, though

  2. ” a plants view of the city”….aw how cute!

    Nice shots. Your blog is reminding me how important one’s character and creativity is to everything in ALL situations…that outside of the box thinking really will take your photography off the charts. Keep it up!

  3. I always struggling with night shots, maybe I’ll set myself a Christmas lights challenge…! Enjoyed the city shots.

  4. Hey- thanks for checking out my blog! Cool pics- I am in love with Cleveland and am constantly inspired by the architecture, nature and people in my beautiful and gritty city!

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