Up close: front yard

Today, I spent some time up close with my front yard.  Look what I found: (Click on photo for a larger view)

Flower in my front yard. To me, looks like candy close up.

69 responses to “Up close: front yard

  1. Thanks for taking us there too. I agree it looks like candy, it makes me want to taste it, it’s so colorful. I especially like the one that shows the old flower too…and the appearance of the car (sort of) made me laugh and reminded me that it’s a front yard, not a meadow. I liked that serendipidous seeing the beauty in everything not just the flora. 🙂

  2. Nice flowers and images. For me the #1 is the dew in the car. Really simple but very graphic composition. Would never guess it was a car, of course. The only little “minus” is the brownish out of focus blob in the center. :).

  3. After seeing these shots I’ll have to start figuring how I can justify buying a Macro lens……dammit! I was just beginning to feel comfy
    with close-ups using my point and press. Stunning stuff! Thank you.

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  5. Some great shots there…I have a macro lens but have hardly used it, I was disappointed with my first efforts, so will have to pluck up some courage and try again to get to know this lens better.
    Pity the days are getting so short…
    Well done on your first efforts, WAY better than mine 🙂

  6. Awesome… I love close up shots of plants and animals. I think it makes the object take on an entirely different perspective than just a normal photo of the same object.

  7. Gorgeous shots, especially the color in the first flower. Thanks for visiting my site and for your posts.

  8. Great macro images! I love going out in my backyard and shooting with my macro lens as well. Its amazing what you can discover 🙂

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