To Morrow

Morrow is a small town located in Warren County, Ohio.  The town sits on the Little Miami River and the Little Miami bike trail runs right through it.  The town has seen better days.  In fact, in 1903 a song (later featured on an episode of The  Muppets) was written about Morrow.  The song was called “To Morrow.”

As with many small towns, folks left for bigger places.  Most of the downtown buildings are empty and a bit run down.  Yet, one can still get an ice cream cone at the little ice cream shop in town.  Also, the old train stop has been preserved.  Not too far from downtown are several canoe rental places.  The Little Miami River is a great river for a canoe or kayak adventure.   And, the bike trail, a shadowy paved 75 mile long bike trail, is perfect for those who want to ride on their own power.

Here are a few shots I took recently.  Clicking on the photo will enlarge them.

An old weight sits in front of the train stop.

An old run down store.

The Little Miami bike trail crossing the Little Miami River.

Train monument in Morrow, Ohio.


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17 responses to “To Morrow

  1. I haven’t been to every small town in the United States, but I do swear that Ohio has the best. You may have noticed that I have blogged a bit or two about Ohio’s small towns. I have many more up my sleeve, so little time 🙂 Love reading and seeing others that feel the same way!

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  3. My folks live in Hillsboro — we’ve spent many wonderful hours riding the Little Miami bike trail and visiting all the cute little Ohio towns in that area, including Morrow!

      • What a small world it is! (My brother and his family actually live in Lebanon — I noticed you had some pictures of the downtown buildings there). I’ll be heading to Ohio on Sunday to spend the holidays with my family (my parents also live just outside of Hillsboro!), and I look forward to the change of scenery compared to here in every-day-looks-the-same California. Love your blog; your photos are breathtakingly beautiful!

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