Essence of Eden

Eden park in Cincinnati will draw you in.  It will captivate you and it will leave you feeling new and refreshed. The Queen city boasts many beautiful parks but this one reigns supreme.  A few days ago I took a journey to this urban oasis to try and capture it’s style.   On the east side of Cincinnati, Eden park is not only home to gorgeous views but also houses many attractions including the Krohn Conservatory and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

A man enjoying the view.

Eden park is known for it’s beautiful overlooks of the Ohio river and neighboring state Kentucky.  Many folks visit the park throughout the day to relax, eat and enjoy the scenery.

Just a few feet away from the overlook are two beautiful ponds called Twin Lakes. In between these two lakes lies a captivating foot bridge.  It beckons for a wander across.

Capitoline Wolf

Capitoline Wolf

The park is home to several unique statutes, including this Capitoline Wolf statute, which was given to the city as a gift from Italy in 1931. It depicts the infant twins Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, being taken care of by a wolf.

Another must see is Krohn Conservatory.  The conservatory contains more than 3500 plant species, including this one located in the Desert Garden.

To view more of my visit to Eden check out my Ohio Parks gallery.

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