Following a Balloon.

Each day I am amazed at the brilliant photo opportunities that just happen before me. Unplanned drive by photo-shootings are often the best.


This hot air balloon was peeking through the trees begging to be photographed.

This morning on while out on errands, I happened upon this hot air balloon. It was just floating up in the sky begging me to let it be my morning model.  So, I complied.

After, I spotted the balloon, I had to change my path home.  But, I was able to get some good shots of the balloon with great clouds and country backgrounds.

Lesson for today: Always, always have you camera out and ready.

Have a wonderful day y’all and Hotty Toddy! Go Rebels, Beat Texas.

21 responses to “Following a Balloon.

  1. Your balloon pik at the top, just coming into view evokes in me memories of my childhood. Summertime, crickets, evening haze, very sweet smell of freshly cut hay fields – sharp stems poking you as you walk thru the fields. Thanks, those are precious memories.

  2. the second one was best, I love the yellow field and the lonely balloon, you can really feel the height, and the ligt was great. its just amazing what changes a camera can do in a life, impulsive acting, and new friends! 🙂
    what camera and lenses do you have/use?

  3. I have been told several times to keep my camcorder on me at all times but I keep coming up with excuses! This is proof I should. Great shots 🙂

  4. I have had this same experience and blogged about it on a different site. I’ll have to bring it over now that I am here. Your pictures are much better though. I was so excited the first time i saw “my” baloons I could hardly focus!

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