What’s your fancy? Full Moon

In this edition of What’s your fancy?, help me pick our your favorite full moon shot.


I took this shot with my Nikon D5200 and used a 55mm-300mm Nikkor lens.  The shutter was set at 1/320 and the aperture was 5.6. When shooting the moon, I find it best to use a fast shutter.  Too slow of a shutter and the moon turns into a bright white ball.  I play around with the shutter speed until I get the moon just the way I want it.

Post shot editing

I used FX Photo studio to enhance and add themes to the photo.

So what’s your fancy?

Charlie Brown Moon

Charlie Brown Moon

Chrystal moon.

Flipflop moon.

Bowling ball moon.

Ghost moon.

Hazy moon.

The original.

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79 responses to “What’s your fancy? Full Moon

      • I like hazy and the bowling ball moon the best. I also like the Charlie Brown moon. I want to share a photo with you of a shadow of Mt. Rainier, but I don’t want to screw anything up with your wonderful blog. I know you would love it. My friend took it. We aren’t photographer’s. It was on the news, but this photo is better than there’s was! How should I share that with you?

  1. I love the original! Hazy is my second fav. And the blue bowling ball one is my third. I love moon shots! Being in NY we dont get a good view of the moon often. Or stars. I want to see some stars :(

  2. It’s so difficult to choose. I like the original and hazy but Charlie Brown is so different and unique. I’m gonna say Charlie Brown. Thanks for your work at giving us fun. =)

  3. I love the Charlie Brown one, but they are all brilliant. I did this sort of thing in college, many, many moons ago (ahem), experimenting with effects, and I used them all as a series exploring what I could do rather than picking one. So that’s what I would’ve done. Picked them all. But, if I had to chose, the first one.

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